If You Want To Be Caesar, Then You Need To Be in Rome


If you work for Global Organization or a Large Multinational and you want to advance, then you need to spend time at Head Quarters. It’s just that simple.

People always tell me it’s unfair that things done in the regions don’t have the same career impact as those done at Head Quarters, and I always answer with the same phrase,
“if you want to be Caesar, then you need to be in Rome”.

It’s not that whats done in the regions is of lesser importance, it’s just that it might have lower visibility.

There is always a lot of things going on in large companies, there is a lot of competition for visibility, and if it happens under our noses we tend to notice it so much more. There is a lot more discussion in HQ about things done in HQ, which will always increase peoples awareness about it.

So if you want to advance, then take a role in Head Quarters, this will definitely increase your visibility, both professionally, but also socially.

So much of what goes on is communicated through informal channels: the rumour mills: water cooler chat; social meetings, etc., and if you’re not present then you cannot be part of this. You might not get to hear of a new opportunity until it’s too late.

When you’re in the regions you’re competing with people who have a head start on you, and who can present solutions to problems before they even become visible problems.

This is a tremendous advantage.

Remember, if you want to be caesar, then you need to be in Rome.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles