Influencer Marketing 101: How to Choose an Influencer to Work With

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Over 60% of influencer marketing budgets increased in a single year. Meanwhile, 80% of marketers find using influencers effective for their business.

Are you thinking of working with an influencer this year? Don’t rush into the process yet. Instead, it’s essential to learn how to choose an influencer who suits your brand.

Otherwise, you could fail to reach new customers.

Here are the five factors you need to consider before choosing an influencer. With these tips, you can draw in new leads and boost sales! Get started with these tips today.

1. Your Goals

Before you learn how to choose someone for influencer marketing, it’s important to consider your goals. What do you want to accomplish from your campaign?

For example, maybe you want more followers on social media. Perhaps your focus is brand awareness or sales. Either way, knowing your goals is essential.

Then, you can choose the influencer most likely to help you accomplish those goals.

2. Your Target Audience

Who are your customers? What demographics do they fall under?

Not every influencer connects with every audience. If you want your influencer marketing strategy to remain effective, you need an influencer with the right audience.

They should know how to communicate with your customers. 

For example, a beauty influencer like Brooke Miccio could help you connect with younger customers who want fashion and makeup tips.

Take a look at their current engagement rates. If they have good engagement rates, they’re making an impact.

3. Authenticity

Almost 70% of marketers say finding relevant influencers is their biggest challenge.

Remember, you want someone who can accomplish your goals and fits your brand. Make sure you choose an influencer who is relevant to your industry.

Make sure they’re authentic as well. An authentic influencer has gained the trust and loyalty of consumers. They understand their industry and share genuine tips with their audience.

Someone who seems fake, however, could cost you customers.

4. Quality Content

What type of content is the influencer creating? With influencer marketing, you give the influencer creative power. They determine what type of content they want to create.

When learning how to choose an influencer, it’s important to focus on their content.

Does their content suit your brand? Does the quality meet your expectations?

Consider how often they post, too. Posting too often could annoy consumers. Not often enough and they won’t engage the audience.

5. Reliability

If you want to experience the benefits of influencer marketing firsthand, you need to know your campaigns will run. 

Is the influence reliable? Are they capable of communicating with you about your campaigns?

If they don’t respond to your messages quickly, your campaigns could suffer. 

This type of marketing is a collaboration. You’ll want to choose someone who can work with you. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to accomplish your goals.

Influencer Marketing Success: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Influencer

Don’t choose the first influencer you come across. Instead, keep these five factors in mind during your search. With these tips, you can set your influencer marketing campaign up for success in 2021!

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