Inspiring Leadership Radio

I am excited to announce that in January 2015 I will be launching a new radio show on Webtalkradio called Inspiring Leadership.

It will be a weekly 1 hour show on Inspiring Leadership, I can’t give out many more details as we are still in the development phase and are still looking to finalise the design of the show.

As I know more I will look to share more details, such as the shows website, guest lists,how you can access the shows and also, how you can participate. I am going to be looking to include a Q&A section in the show so I will be looking to get the questions which you would like to be answered.

Inspiring Leadership is my passion.

I believe that people can achieve astounding results when they are inspired;
I believe that inspiration is infectious we just need to ignite within ourselves or within others and that this is what leadership is really about, inspiring people. We all have greatness inside of us, and we just need to find the right inspiration in order to let it out.

I hope that you will tune into the show and see whether we can find that inspiration within you!

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles