Institute of Leadership and Management

ilm_210x90Today I am attending a meeting of the Fellows of the Institute of Leadership and Management. This will be a great opportunity to share ideas and thoughts on leadership and learn from fellow Fellows.

Really looking forward to it, I am sure that there will be lots of differences of opinions and experiences, but it’s these difference of opinions and experiences which allow us to challenge our own thinking and and look to move our knowledge to a higher level.

Interestingly in todays meeting there are people from very different backgrounds Business, Military, Public Sector and Higher Education, where people will have had to lead under very different circumstances, so should be some great diversity.

Whilst we might like to think that we are experts, our own experiences are only a fragment of the whole gamut of experiences and we must never stop to look and learn from others, when we do that we limit our own growth.

If anyone is interested in joining the Institute of Leadership & Management,  here is a link to the site.


It’s a great community with lots of resources that will really help you improve your #leadership and I can fully recommend it.

If you want to take you’re leadership to the next level, then check it out!

Gordon Tredgold FInstLM

Leadership Principles