Is Your Organization Missing the Digital Transformation Boat?

Guest Post By: Kathy Kent Toney, President of Kent Business Solutions

With each passing day, the importance of digital transformation grows, and the savviest CIOs and business leaders recognize this. A recent Gallup survey discovered that 60% of executives have line items in their budgets for purchasing virtual tools.

And yet, many companies have been slow to embrace digital technologies, even though their use is trending upward. Just take a look at Blockbuster—their refusal to do so obviously didn’t end well! Their demise proves that embracing digital transformation is essential for businesses—not only to survive but thrive and grow.

You certainly don’t want to miss the digital transformation boat!

So, what sparks companies to start their digital technology journeys? Let’s see if you fall into one of these two categories:

1. A Company Wants to Solve a Problem

The way they’re doing things may be archaic, costing them money or customers. Employees may be complaining about the course of doing business as well. Unfortunately, some are often overwhelmed by these problems so that innovation becomes just a pipe dream. 

Many of these companies have lots of innovative ideas, but being mired in these problems has often outweighed the ability to implement their ideas. When issues are taken care of first, employees are more often able to start implementing these ideas.

2. A Company Doesn’t Necessarily Have a Problem—They Want to Get Better

They may be unsure how to proceed or search for outside help within a price point they can afford. It may be a complicated conversation for many of them to start with consultants—it may not come easy admitting they don’t have the answers to their challenges.

In the end, there are great opportunities for both the business and the consultant to achieve great results together. Here are some additional insights:

Business Stakeholders

In our quickly changing world, it’s impossible to know everything; however, when business stakeholders can accept this fact, this is key in helping organizations ensure significant growth. By seeking help or insight through consultants who are experts in their field, organizations can gain exponential understanding and value.

Also, many companies may stop innovating due to uncertainty because it’s human nature to relish solid parameters. However, it’s essential to keep an open mind amid unknowns to keep innovating.


For the consultant, it’s an opportunity to have honest conversations with prospective and current clients while outlining what’s possible. Organizations benefit from having another set of eyes from outside the business to look at their operations. The consultant’s diverse experience allows them to diagnose, suggest, and open opportunities for firms quickly. Doing so can cause a positive trickle-down effect with their customers and, ultimately, the bottom line.

What organization wouldn’t want that?

Guest Bio: Kathy Kent Toney, President of Kent Business Solutions
Kathy is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Professional Scrum Master with over 35 years of progressively responsible experience in Scrum, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Business Process Improvement (BPI), project leadership, team facilitation, marketing, market research, business development, sales operations, project controls, and proposal development roles.