It All Starts With Focus

FocusEvery success starts with great Focus. It doesn’t matter how great a shot you are, if you cannot see the target, or if you are aiming at the wrong target then you are probably going to fail.

I have worked with many entrepreneurs who were struggling, and when I asked them who was their target market, they just looked at me and said, ‘well anyone could use my products or services, so I guess everyone is in my target market’. But when you aim at everything you will hit nothing.

We need to have a clear understanding of who are target market is, as this then allows us to be able to target them with our marketing, advertising and sales dollars. The more we understand our target markets, the better we can tailor our messages to that market, in order to make connection, and ultimately a sale.

For example, personally, I don’t like Rap Music, I find many of topics of the songs have no relevance to me, and many are offensive, but does that matter to the Rappers? No, because I am not in their target market. They are not producing products for me, and consequently their messages and marketing are not aimed at me.

We also need to ensure that we are focusing on the right products. It’s very difficult to be successful if, no matter how good a product you have there is no market for it, or if you cannot produce it at a price that the marker can bear.

When coaching clients one of the first questions I ask, is what are your goals? You would be amazed at how many of them, and I suspect the population in general, do not have clear goals.

If you don’t have clear goals how the hell are you going a) hit them, b) come up with a plan to hit them, or c) know when you have hit them.

In order to increase our success we need to have a clearly defined goal.  There are many benefits to this, there is research that has shown that if we write down our goals we increase our chance of achieving it by 42%, and even better, if we share our goals we actually increase our chance of success by over 80%.

But we can only write it down, or share it, if we know what it is, and can clearly describe it.

The better we understand what our goal is, the easier it is to put a plan in place to achieve it.  That doesn’t mean it will be easy to achieve, but it will be easier to have a plan and when we have a plan we increase our chances of success.

For example, I have goal to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks.  Which means that my plan is to lose 1 pound per week, now I know what my plan is, and my short term goals I can start to put the actions in place to try and meet that goal. It also means that I can track my progress, which if I am on track will motivate me to continue, or if I am behind track will let me know that I need to change my approach if I want to be successful.

But all of this starts with knowing what my goals are, so that I can get the right Focus.

It doesn’t matter who good a job we do if we have the wrong Focus, then we will be aiming at the wrong target, too many targets or we may not know exactly what or where the target it, all of which just leads to failure.

The better our Focus, the higher the probability of success, it’s a simple as that.


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