It’s Hard To Lead When You Have Lost Respect

cookThis is my last post on English cricket, but I was just watching the autopsy of the performances and what would be the outcome, and what changes would be made.

I was stunned to hear that the current leadership will remain in charge!

It’s not that I don’t think that people deserve a second chance, because I do, and sometimes even a third.

But England’s performances  have not been great even when winning, and yet the captain and coaches did little which improved it.

The lack of fight, the lack of leadership, the lack of leading by example is even worse.

In 5 Tests the captain did not put in one single performance that inspired his team, to me he has lost all respect. I know now that we cannot rely on him to be there when we need him, that he will not be the one to take a stand, to stem the tide or steady the ship.

When you are in this position and you lack respect it’s hard to lead.

You’re not setting an example that everyone can follow, you’re not going anywhere that anyone wants to go, in short you are not leading. And if you’re not leading you’re not a leader.

England need to select a new captain, one who will take this team by the scruff of the neck and tell them that this is not good enough. I don’t doubt that Cook is our best player, but being a great player doesn’t translate into being a great captain.

When you lack respect it is impossible to lead, or to be seen as a Leader.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles