Its Not What You Say, Its How You Say It

how you say it

Long after your presentation is over people don’t usually remember exactly what you said.

But they do remember how you said it, and how they felt.

When we present, we need to ensure that we have the right tone of voice, the right level of passion and commitment to convey the message that we want to convert.

Everyone is tuned in to the the non verbal cues of body language, the tones voices and all the other little hints which tell us what you really think or feel.

If we are giving great results but feel disinterested or distracted, that is what people will hear and remember, and it will make them wonder whats really going on.

Or if you give bad results in positive carefree manner people will pick up on this, they might be slightly worried, but your carefree attitude will diminish the impact.

If this is what you want, then great!

If not then you need to be aware of all these thing such that you don’t send the wrong message, irrespective on what is written on your slides, or what you say.

Because people will remember how you said it much more than the content.

If we can match our mood, tone, passion to the content we wish to present then the messages will be much more powerful, much more impactful.

This is the same even in one to one conversations, if we give positive feedback with a big smile, people will be much more appreciative of it.

This is invisible leadership, things people don’t really see but that they feel, and which impact their mood and morale.

Great leaders take care and get this right!

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles