It’s the Small Details that Make a Big Difference.

Setting ambitious, bold goals, creating inspirational visions, giving outstanding motivational speeches, and achieving successful outcomes are all important aspects of leadership.

It’s also about the small details,

  • it’s about how we treat people, even though they may not be directly part of our high powered teams, such as cleaning and security staff
  • it’s about saying please and thank you
  • it’s about asking for, rather than demanding something
  • it’s about recognising people even on the smallest tasks
  • it’s about giving the feeling that people work with you, rather than for you
  • it’s about showing respect all the time
  • it’s about saying sorry and apologising when you make a mistake
  • it’s about treating people fairly and with integrity
  • it’s about being consistent in your behaviour
  • it’s about praising in public and criticising in private
  • it’s about being consistent in the way that you treat people, a job well done is always a job well done, it’s not dependent upon who did it
  • it’s about being honest and showing integrity

These are the little things that people see every day and let them know whether you’re authentic or not, whether you can be trusted or not, and help them decide whether they should follow you or not.

Doing all of these little things is not guaranteed to make you a leader, but not doing them will definitely be noticed, and it will impact your ability to lead.

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