July 2016 Newsletter

FAST Insiders Newsletter

Welcome to the first FAST Insider newsletter since we have completed the ReBranding and relaunch of the new website, which aims to bring you more leadership thoughts, tips, and resources to help you become a better leader and achieve amazing goals. We’re also going to be giving one of you the chance to get an article published on the Success Blog, which is regularly ranked as one of the Top Leadership Blogs in the World, but more about that later 🙂

Right now we are going through some very challenging times; there seems to be turmoil everywhere; we have the UK looking to leave Europe, Scotland looking to leave the UK, UK leadership elections, a US Presidential Elections and elections all over Europe too.

It’s in these uncertain times that people need Leadership most, that we need to be the light to guide people, to provide whatever certainty we can, to look to calm the situation and help other people come through the other side. We might not always know the path, but we can always be there to support people, to comfort them and to remind them that we will get through this. Don’t be the one to complain about the dark, be the person who lights a candle, remains positive and looks to find solutions. FAST Leaders inspire others!


As we are now getting into the holiday season, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about recharging so that we can come back from our vacations as our most impactful and inspiring selves.

12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time
It’s one thing to empower our teams giving them the tools, the authority and the permission to do a great job, but none of that is going to help if we are constantly burning them out.
To fully empower our teams, and ourselves, we need to ensure that we have the right work/life balance. That we are putting ourselves in the best position mentally to do our best work.
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One of the goals of FAST is to achieve amazing results and to do it quickly, and I wanted to share a client story which achieved some astonishing results.

A little over a year ago I started getting involved with a global PR and Branding company. I approached them about helping me with the promotion of my book FAST. Their CEO asked if he could read an advance copy of the book to see how if it is something they would be interested in and in what ways they could help.

GT Top LeadershipWithin a few days I got a call from the CEO who said he loved the FAST book, he’d read it three times and asked if I could help with coaching him because as he read through the book, it became clear that there were some significant areas of opportunity for improvement.

As we started to look at their organization, which was a group 5 different companies each representing their different brands it was clear that there were opportunities to Simplify the business.At the time it was the customers responsibility to understand which brand/company they should approach. There was also a lot of duplication of efforts as processes were often repeated across the different companies, often using different approaches.

GT TOP Business CoachingThe CEO took the bold decision to merge all five companies into one company that had five different brands, making them not the customer Accountable for understanding the best option for the customer. He also looked to rationalize the processes, taking the best from each company and implementing it, and jettisoning the others. While these seem like small changes, it actually required bold decisions, but the results they have achieved have been amazing.

Within just six months of making these changes, the company has attracted several new clients, clients who wanted to work with them, but who were not sure how and this has led to a 300% increase in revenue. Because of using best processes and rationalizing the number of processes it’s actually increased efficiency which means that they have been able to handle the 300% increase in revenue with just a 30% increase in staffing, which will have a massive impact on profitability. The demand for services just keeps on increasing and with them having to turn some away and put new clients on hold as they plan their expansion. They are so happy with the benefits of FAST they are looking to become the first FAST Certified Company.



So happy to be one of the guest speakers at the Crack the Leadership Code Summit, this is a free event with over 28 guest speakers including such legendary Leadership Experts such as Marshall Gold Smith, Dov Baron and many others including myself.

I will be tuning in to hear and learn from this great speakers so don’t miss out on this excellent Free Leadership Summit.

SUMMIT DATES: July 11th to July 24th, 2016  

Crack the Leadership Code: Lead with Confidence, Make a Difference and Build a Corporate Career You Love! Hosted by Dr. Michelle Pizer The 14-day event begins on July 11th, and it is FREE!

Click here to reserve your seat!  We hear all the time about the suffering of employees, but what about the silent suffering of leaders? The truth is, leadership can be lonely – and we need a place to reflect. That’s why I’m speaking at Dr. Michelle Pizer’s special summit, along with over 28 other leadership experts.

Great leadership is a mindset. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about how you get it done. It’s about humanizing the workplace.

Over the course of the 14 days of the summit, learn essential skills from closing the courage gap to engaging millennials and getting good people to stay in today’s changing business environment.

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As part of the reBranding, as our influence grows, so does our team of Global Influencers, and it includes TOP 100 Experts on Leadership, Business Coaching, Social Media, Branding and Public Relations. This month we are offering not one or two but FIVE webinars free and you’ll get to meet myself and my global team of Top 100 Experts like Szebastian Onne, Ginni Saraswati and more. But the seats are limited to 25 for each webinar so don’t wait and click here to register your seat NOW!

Top Experts


Every month we focus on a different aspect of Leadership, for July out topic is Empowerment, and we are looking for an article on this subject 4-800 words in length, and we will be selecting the best one and posting on the blog, and sharing it with our audience of over 1/2 Million FAST Leaders on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/GooglePlus/Instagram.

Please send your entries to contest@gordontredgold.com along with the following:

  • A mugshot of yours that you love to show-off.
  • Your social media links (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc)
  • 50 word self-intro, so we can brag about you!

How’s that for visibility.


In the past month few months I have been recognized as a Top 241 Social Media Influence, and #3 Social Media Expert to follow on Twitter. Much of this has been achieved through blogging and my presence on Twitter, which has significantly helped to increase my influence.

To celebrate this achieve, we want to help you increase your influence, so we are offering our FAST Approach to Twitter and One Hour Power Coaching with me for the crazy price of just $297. We will help you boost your online presence, visibility, credibility and authority.

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