Knowing Who You Are Helps You Be a Better Leader

One of the keys to emotional intelligence is self-awareness.

The better we understand ourselves, the better we can understand our impact, and how we are perceived others.

Armed with this knowledge, we can look to make improvements so that we can improve the connection and relationships with our teams.

I don’t necessarily believe that knowledge is power, but I do believe knowledge gives us the power and opportunities to take action and make improvements.

Recently I tried out the new Sage HR & PayRoll quiz, which is a personality test, which helps you identify what type of hero you are.

The test is free, simple and takes about 5-8 minutes.

Sage has identified 4 Hero (personality) types these shown in the image below and when you take the test it tell you which one you are.

Hero TestAt first, I was surprised with my result, I got the Empathizer, because often when I think about myself, I think about delivery, getting the job done.

empathizer 2

And if I had taken the test 10 years ago I would tell you that I would definitely have been the Deliverer. But over the years I have changed and adapted my style.

There are no right or wrong answers in this tests, and the better we know ourselves and our styles the better we can adapt ourselves to different situations that arise.

Also, when we interact with others when we know their style, and it can help us to improve our communication with them.

So take the test, I would love to know what you got, please tell me via the comments sections.

Also share this with your friends and teams, maybe even your boss because the more we are self-aware, the better our emotional intelligence can be, which will make us better leaders.

Big thanks to Sage for producing the test and making it free to use.

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