Leaders Have The Power To Help Their Teams Live Happier Lives!

I wanted to share this video because I thought it had a great message, whilst we’re dying to live do we actually forget to live.

This is a great message for individuals, we should look to do things we love, and make the best of life, try and live a little bit each day.

But I also thought that this was a great message for managers and leaders too We often get to lead people who need to come to work, they need to earn the money in order that they can live and this puts a great deal of responsibility onto our shoulders. As leaders we should have the best interest of our staff at heart, the happier they will be the more productive they will be, which is what our goal is. Maybe we should look to help get that work life balance for our teams, help them live a little, don’t just keep pushing, aiming for higher results, as thats going to lead to burn out and frustration. We should look to help with flexible hour and flexible work locations, give people the chance to go home early so they can catch their kids at ball games, spend a bit more time with their families.

We have the power to help them live a little bit more each day, and I am sure if we help with that it will help boost morale, loyalty and productivity.