Leaders – Why We Need Good Role Model

One of the challenges when it comes to trying to help people become better leaders is when you see negative role models, in prominent positions.
People who are exhibiting all of the qualities that give leaders a bad name, such as bullying, lying, blaming, abdicating their accountability, threatening people and much more.
Already I am seeing articles from HR Departments who are saying these types of role models are encouraging more and more of this kind of behavior, which is very worrisome.
To counter this rise of bullying leadership we need to become role models ourselves, showing what great leadership looks like by being humble, being truthful and trustworthy, by being supportive and inclusive, and of course by being accountable.
This is what good leadership is no matter what other role models may look like, or what successes they claim to be achieving.
No leader does it all on their own, they require a team and great teamwork to achieve great results, and you don’t get that through bullying.
Yes, it might work for a while, but it’s not sustainable.
Fewer and fewer good people will want work for you, and you will just attract people that are similar to yourself and ultimately you will have created a toxic culture.  A culture where bullying, lying and victimization are acceptable norms and where people just work under duress and are constantly looking for opportunities to leave, and of course, none of this will be their fault.
Good leadership requires good role models!
Let’s all be great role models of what good leadership is and can achieve.