Leadership and Learning

FAST Leaders are lifelong learners, they understand that the more we learn, the more we can share, and the better the leader we can be.

FAST Leaders are continuously looking to improve their leadership, learning from the best, studying new techniques and improving their skills.

This was reinforced with me last week when I met and interviewed John Spence who, in my opinion, is one of the top 5 leadership experts worldwide. During our conversation John mentioned that he reads over 100 books per year, and has done since 1989, thats a whopping 2500 books.

Can you imagine the impact that reading that many books would have on your understanding of leadership, and when you combine that within hands-on leadership experience, it’s no wonder that John is at the very top of his game.

I love Johns message, because it also tells me, that even though he is a leading expert, that he is still looking to improve, which is a great inspiration to others.

This is what great leaders, FAST leaders do, they always want to learn, improve and become better.

This week I have been attending a training program on Improving Communications skills, Improving Your Speaking, and on Sharpening Your Message.

Whilst I already have good communication skills I know I can do better, and given the importance of communication in leadership it was an easy decision to make.

So in 2015, what are you going to do to improve your leadership, what books are you planning to read, what training courses are you planning to take.

If your answer is none, then as a leader you’re going backwards, because in todays fast moving, ever changing world, to stand still is to go backwards.

We need to keep learning just to keep up, let alone get ahead!


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