Leadership And Parenting

Being a good parent involves many of the same skills as being a good leader.

I was reminded of this when I read the following poem by my good friend Pete Leighton. Pete does a great job of explaining simply and beautifully how to be a great parent.

Loving a daughter is about just two things 
Give her roots, then give her wings 
Let her find herself and all she should be
Then show her the futures of all she could be
Teach her constantly to enjoy the day
To grin and laugh come what may
Show her approval so she’ll love herself
And teach her how to live in good health
It’s fun to do but hard to say
I’m teaching my daughter to fly away

If you can accomplish this with your teams and/or children then you are a great leader.

As parents and leaders, I agree with Peter that, the hardest part it teaching them to fly away.