Understanding Leadership and Self Deception

One of the biggest breakthroughs for myself on my leadership journey was understanding the role that self deception plays in our lives, and also the scale on which it operates.

Self Deception can control our patterns of thinking and keep us stuck in a fixed mindset about someone, or something, that then colours all of our interactions with it.

In this video, I share with you what it is, why it is important, the impact that it can have on us, and also what we can do to overcome it.

When you can master self-deception it can be a game-changer for you. It will help you upgrade all of your personal and professional relationships.


There is a great book by Harbinger press called Leadership and Self Deception and I highly recommend it to you, but when you read it get ready to apologize to a lot of people.

Understanding is the key to improvement and when you understand the pervasiveness of self-deception it will help you immensely.

If you’re looking for help on your journey from being a good manager to becoming a great leader email me at gordon@gordontredgold.com and let’s talk about how I can help.