Leadership crisis

I make no excuses for talking about two of my passions, Leadership and Cricket, especially when they overlap. The demise of the Australian cricket team is a perfect example of what happens when you have a leadership void.

Having just witnessed the whitewash of the Australian cricket team by India, it makes me wonder where that Australian spirit has gone.

In days of old the Australian team had leaders in almost every area.

Players who, when the going got tough: could be counted upon to stand tall; hold the line; and help turn things around.

When a team turns this bad in such a short period of time, it’s always due to a leadership crisis.

This Australian teams seems to have an absence of leaders in every department: Batting; Bowling: Coaching; and unfortunately Selecting.

Whilst we think of cricket as a sport, where the most important ingredient is skill, it’s clear that without leadership even skilful players perform badly.

India had great leadership and looked like a team transformed, tough decisions were made, and many players turned in great performances both with bat and with ball.

Whereas Australia on the other hand, had bad leadership, and also looked like a team transformed, but unfortunately in the opposite direction.

Even worse, the Australians seemed to accept their poor performance. This is not the reaction of a country who produced such great leaders as Ritchie Benaud, Ian and Greg Chappel, Allan Border, Ricky Pontin, etc.

Australia need to find some leadership quickly or the ashes series is going to be a foregone conclusion.