Leadership is About Action, Not Position!

A friend recently asked me, “If you could invite 5 leaders to dinner and spend the evening debating leadership, who would you invite and why?”

It didn’t take me long to think of an answer. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jesus, and Mohammad are all people I’d like to invite.

For me, these are 5 of the greatest leaders in history, through their actions they have all left enduring legacies which have changed the world for the better.

Also, each of them started to lead and then became famous for leading, non of them became leaders and then started to lead.

Leadership is about action, not position and the greatest leaders know this.

Someone asked me the other day “what do people need to do in order to become a leader”?

My answer was simple and straightforward, ‘they just need to lead’.

From my dinner guests, I would be interested to get more insights into their leadership journey and understand a bit more about their transition from leading to leader.

What motivated them to start their journeys, and what are the traits and characteristics that they have in common.

It would also be interesting to get their thoughts on many of the issues that we face today, and looking at where we are today if they could live their lives again, would they do things differently?

I am sure I would get many wonderful insights.

It’s a fun game, so let me ask you who would you invite and why?

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