Leadership Is About Doing What’s Right


Having read today about the proposal from Sweden to offer a home to all the Syrian Refugees which have been displaced due to the conflict in their homeland, I am happy to see that real Leadership still exists.

A Leadership which looks to do what’s right, what’s in the best interest of the people involved in the conflict.

Whilst we see the US, Russia, France, UK, and others politicking and looking to protect their own interests in the region, or hopefully increase their influence, Sweden shows the way.

I am sure today that many more people will have respect for Sweden, or increased respect, for their selfless and generous offer. How this will work and how many accept the offer remains to be seen but the gesture is one that touches my heart.

Such a simple proposal: it hurts no one and could help many.

This is such an obvious thing to do, yet has evaded many as its not in line with their self interests.

Thank you Sweden for showing us the way to a better humanity, I hope that whoever proposed this is now in line for the Nobel Peace prize, because such an offer deserves no less.

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Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles