Leadership – It’s Not About You!

On your journey to becoming a leader it’s all about you. Your personal development; your self knowledge and understanding; your personal growth. However, once you become a leader however, then it’s all about the team, your staff. If we focus more on ourselves and the company than them, then they become disengaged, which is bad for both us and the company.

Just take a look at the chart below.

The top 4 reasons why employees are not engaged are:

  • No feedback on their progress
  • No encouragement
  • No praise
  • No opportunities for learning or growth

These are not difficult things to fix, study after study shows that on average around 70% of employees are disengaged, or worse are actively disengaged



As you make the transition from employee to leader, remember how you felt and what you looked for in your leader and then look to provide that to your staff and they will repay you with engagement, which will help increase productivity and drive results.

When we take care of our staff it’s a win-win situation, they are getting what they want and we get the results that we want.

Yet why do so few leaders do that, it’s because they put themselves first. It’s still about them.

If you want to become a great leader remember it’s not about you, it’s about them.


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