FAST Leadership Show – Leadership Paradoxes


What is leadership? What’s the difference between leadership and being a leader. If you ask 20 leadership experts to define what leadership is you’re probably going to end up with at least 22 different answers or opinions. One of our challenges is, if we cannot really define leadership, how can we look to improve it.

Leadership is littered with paradoxes, and it’s how we answer or explain those paradoxes which helps to create our own view of leadership, and many of us do it without even knowing we’re doing it. On todays show I am going to be discussing this with 3 experts Nigel Linacre, Morgen Witzel, and Richard Bolden who have written an excellent book called Leadership Paradoxes, which has been nominated for the Chartered Management Institute Book of the Year. It’s an excellent book, and as I read it it really challenged my perceived view of leadership, and today we are going to explore some of these paradoxes and their implications for leadership practice and development. The more we understand these paradoxes, and our view of the them, the better our understanding of leadership will be.

To find our more, and to get access to some excellent free content check out their website or if you would like to buy the book you can also get it here on Amazon.
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Leadership Paradoxes – Rethinking Leadership For an Uncertain World.

This is an excellent book which i highly recommend it will challenge the way you think about leadership and it will and you develop your leadership skills and take it to the next level. The more we understand that many of our beliefs are just perceptions based on how we address these paradoxes, he easier it will be for us to be to able to see things from the other side as well, which will help extend our understanding.