Make an Inspiring Start to 2015

Business startAs many of you return today for the first time in 2015, why not make some changes to your approach and look to be a more inspiring leader.

Inspiring leaders create inspired teams, and it’s inspired team which achieve astounding results, and that exactly what I want you to achieve in 2015.

Here are my top 4 tips to be a more inspiring leader in 2015

  • Smile more
  • Listen more
  • Praise more
  • Communicate more

When we smile more, we create a more positive atmosphere which will result in a more positive attitude in both our selves and in our teams. When we smile more it builds a stronger connection with our teams and makes us more approachable. Smile at everyone too, even the cleaning staff, security, everyone, make it an authentic part of who you are.

When we listen more, we show our teams respect, we show that we value their opinion, all of which helps build trust and respect in us as leaders. We don’t always have to take the advice or input given, but when we listen we make the teams feel more involved, and when they become involved then they become more committed.

Recognition is a basic need for everyone, and when we praise people, even for the smallest of things, then we feed that need and this lifts them, it also encourages them to repeat those actions and behaviours. I always say that Reward and Recognition are the fuel in the fire of continuous improvement, which means that the more we praise the more success we will have, and when teams become successful this inspires them further.

Lastly communicate more, let you people know what the goals are, why these are important and communicate progress frequently, ideally monthly, quarterly as an absolute minimum. In my opinion its best to do this in person, but if that’s not possible then you can always send out a monthly progress reports, showing the progress that been made, and also you can praise individuals in the reports for the contribution to the success. I used to have a team of 300 in India and would send regular performance reports and they loved them, they gave me great feed back, they said it kept them involved even though they were 5000 miles away

If you follow these 4 simple tips they will help you become a more inspiring leader, and help you achieve even better results. There is nothing stoping you from implementing them other than you choosing not to.

So go on, give them a try and watch your team soar!

If you want help or support in becoming a more Inspiring Leader then send me an email and lets look to make you the most inspiring leader you can be.


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