Strategic Leadership – Dealing With Complex Challenges

One of the things we are frequently asked to do as leaders is to find a way to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Even though it’s not impossible, doing so usually isn’t good for the peg or the hole because it typically requires applying some sort of force that could harm one or the other, often both.

When we face these types of challenges, we need to look to make things easier for ourselves. We need to understand what is more important, the peg or the hole.

If the hole is more important, then before we try and force something that won’t fit, we would be better off looking to see if there are any round pegs already available, maybe one’s that we are just not aware of.

Or if the peg is more important, look to see if you can find a hole for the peg to fit.

All too often we go with the option of force first, but as leaders, we should challenge this, and see if there is another way.

If there is no round peg, then can we do something with the square peg to help round the corners first, or something else that will help reduce the damage to the hole, then we will look to bring the two together.

We need to think smarter, not just use force and work harder.

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