Mindful Leadership Survey – Help Needed :)

help needed

Hi, we’re looking for people to participate in University Research into Mindful Leadership. We’re looking for Leaders who have at least 3 direct reports to take an online survey, which will take approx 15 minutes.

To take the survey please click here
Mindful Leadership Survery

If you would like more details on the survey please read below. Thanks very much for your support šŸ™‚

My name is Adam Kay and I’m conducting doctoral research in which I’m investigating the relationship between mindfulness, emotion regulation (which is a critical element of emotional intelligence), and authentic leadership.

The research proposal working hypotheses is as follows:

  1. Mindfulness increases leaders’ ability to regulate their emotions.
  2. Emotion regulation enhances authentic leadership.
  3. Mindfulness enhances authentic leadership, independently and above and beyond the meditating effects of emotion regulation.

This is the first study of its kind, and depending on the results will likely blossom into a larger study. For the purposes of this study, I need to find 100 organizational leaders to complete three short on-line surveys (total time: 15 minutes or less).

Although there are as many definitions of “leader” as there are leaders, the working definition for this study is quite simple.

To qualify for the study, participants can come from any organization in any industry in any sector. The only requirement is that they must haveĀ at least threeĀ people reporting directly to them.

The reason for this is not only for the obvious fact that such people would normally be expected to lead their people in some capacity, but also because after they fill in the survey they will be asked to forward their direct reports a link to a survey that solicits their own feedback on their leaders’ level of authenticity (total time: less than 5 minutes).

Research ethics prevents me from contacting their direct reports directly without their consent.

The reason for this extra step is because I expect that most people may have an inflated view of their own authenticity, so to verify and legitimize their self-report, I’m looking for the views of those who they actually lead in the workplace as well.

Depending on the results, this may also open up other interesting doors of inquiry about possible discrepancies in views about leaders’ and level of authenticity, and how these interact with the other independent variables in the study, namely mindfulness and emotion regulation.

For my own pre-doctoral program views on mindful leadership, see the following link: Mindful Leadership


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