Modern Tech to Help You Become a Better Leader

Technology adaptation is a top-down, self-perpetuating thing. Leaders use it to become better leaders and then this technology gets integrated into the business, making the company stronger. The strength of the business lets its leader implement greater changes and the cycle begins anew. In a world of ever-growing engineering, there are always new pieces of technology that every business leader should use.

A Smartphone Camera

Your social media marketing depends on high-quality content. You can do this with written text, photos or a combination of the two. Photos tend to be easier. Smartphones now have professional quality cameras that can give your marketing a real, organic feel. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge has a 12 MP rear facing camera that gives sharper low-light images. This way, you can snap quick, message-appropriate pictures that will drive your company’s mission, effectively blending that mission with marketing statements in a way that only the top management can do.

Video Editing

These high-quality cameras and powerful processors allow smart business owners to do their own marketing and create their own instructional videos. To give them a professional feel, use the video editing app PowerDirector by Cyberlink lets you edit your video into a quality product that can be quickly and easily placed onto your website and social media feeds. Since it is coming from the boss, these videos promote the business as an expert in the industry.

Wearable Mood Monitoring

Author and psychotherapist Jorge Bucay tells us that a bad mood is an indicator that we cannot resolve our own conflicts. As the leader of your business, it is your job to appear in control and this can be hard to do if your mood is out of whack. The University of California at San Diego has developed a wearable temporary tattoo that monitors the biochemical properties that correspond to mood. Use it to keep you and your business on an even keel.

Educational Technology

If we assume that the leader of a business is also the most knowledgeable, then this experience needs to be passed down to other employees. Moodle is one of the most often used educational platforms for business. It is open source and scalable so that you use only the components you need. Try it to create a top-down learning environment for your business.

Maintaining A Balanced Life

As the boss, you model all of the behaviors that you want in your company. If you are out of shape or off balance, then your organization will be too. And let’s face it, if you are often sick, the odds are that your business will not survive. Z-Track is a wearable lifestyle tracker that incorporates healthy activity and lifestyle decisions to help you monitor your personal work-life balance.

Create A Better Leader

For those that want to be better leaders, there is an app for that. The InnerWill app was developed by a 501(c)3 nonprofit developer that will help you identify your personal working style, core values, and personality attributes. The Inner Will organization is founded on the Value Based Leadership writing of Luck Companies. It promotes change from within and leads by example to make you a better leader and your business a successful brand.