Must-Have ID Card Accessories for Maximum Efficiency

Issuing ID badges is only the beginning. A business should also add accessories related to these badges to make them efficient and increase their functionality for employees, guests, and anyone else who is going to be using these ID cards.

Accessories like lanyards and badge reels not only increase the accessibility of an ID card but also boost a business’s branding. In other words, they help the organisation captivate more eyeballs!

This article explained the different accessories available that a company can use to make its ID badge usage more secure and efficient.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are good for organisations that work with heavy machinery. They easily attach to belts, pockets, or bags and allow easy access to the ID card. 

Badge reels come in various styles, including reel casing, types of cord materials, and clip attachments. A business should buy a badge reel from reputable providers after checking their preferences.

Photo: PPC ID Card Solutions

Badge Holders

Another important accessory is a badge holder or card holder—it’s a no-brainer to get one. These holders protect the ID card from wear and tear. 

Badge holders have horizontal and vertical orientations, which should be selected according to how the card is printed. 

Companies can also get them in different hardness levels, ranging from flexible to semi-rigid or fully rigid plastic. The harder the holder, the more protection it offers, but the less flexible it becomes.

Typical add-ons are armband holders, luggage tag holders, lanyards, keyrings, bulldog clips, and swivel clips. Companies can also go with waterproof holders or multi-card holders if need be.


Lanyards are among the most important accessories a business needs. They typically consist of a cord attached to the ID card badge and hanging around the neck of employees, staff, and visitors. 

It has many use cases. For instance, when employees who regularly interact with customers wear it, the business creates a positive impression. Additionally, it also helps customers distinguish between the employees and senior management.

Lanyards are made from a variety of cord materials and attachment clips, and they can be customised with an organisation’s branding and colours. 

Strap Clips

For an extremely minimalistic style, businesses can use uncomplicated strap clips to attach the badge holder directly to clothing. 

This tiny clip holds onto the fabric, and a brief 1 – 4 inch strap links up with the badge holder. It ensures there are no loose cords or reels. The result? The badge remains in a fixed position, close to the body.

Alternative Accessories

Lastly, there are many different alternative clips, pins, and attachments that an organisation can use to make its ID card badge look appealing. 

Some examples of additional accessories are pin clips, adhesive badge clips, belt clips, steel key rings or crimp pins, ribbon bars, magnetic attachments, and more. 

These accessories allow for the flexibility of attaching badges in exactly the right place, no matter the setting.

Sum Up

The ideal ID badge accessory combines convenience and safety. There are many choices, so each organisation should consider its specific requirements before buying one. 

The best accessories will increase efficiency by making it simpler to handle ID badges while ensuring they are available when needed for identification or scanning purposes. 

An investment in accessories is small but has a massive advantage over dealing with lost or broken ID badges, or simply making the process of using the ID badges more smooth and efficient.