No Trust, No Leadership!

Without trust there is no leadership.  Trust is the glue that binds leaders and followers togethers.

Trust helps build loyalty, helps build strong bonds  that will encourage followers to take on difficult tasks, go the extra mile and achieve amazing results.

I found this excellent graphic that I wanted to share, which shows where trust comes from.


The four pillars of trust are Intent, Integrity, Capability and Results.

It’s about who we are and what we do.

We talk about trust being built over time, but that it can be lost in seconds.

We can all have off days when it comes to competence, but it’s any failure in character that can be difficult to forgive and forget.

It’s in this area that we need to be consistent and most diligent, even small failures can have a catastrophic effect on the levels of trust. We must have 100% integrity and intent, these are all time things not part-time things, and it needs to be in all aspects of our lives. If we cannot be trusted in the home, then we definitely cannot be trusted as office.

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