One Good Deed a Day: Start a Movement to Change the World

Great Leaders, I believe, can change the world for the better.

I also believe that we can all be great leaders; leadership isn’t a formal position; it’s about what we do every day.

Leadership is about setting the direction, being the example, supporting people and helping people

Great Leaders don’t start with followers. They set an example and direction that people like and believe in, and then other people just follow naturally.

Don’t wait for followers to ask you where you are going, just start your journey, and they will follow.

So why don’t we start a ‘Change the World’ movement, where we look to change the world to be a better place?

Our manifesto could be nice and simple,

‘Do something today that will help to change the world for the better’

One good deed a day is all we need to get this started.

Yes, it is that simple!

Your good deed, seen by others will get them to think about doing a good deed.

The recipient of your good deed will enjoy it and will probably look to do a good deed themselves.

The multiplying effect of your one good deed can be enormous.

We have the power to do this, so why not give it a try?

Let’s change the world for the better.

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