People leave bosses, not companies

This is a phrase that almost every single one of us has heard at some point during our careers, it might even be something that we have said ourselves.

But how many of us has ever thought that, as Leaders, the boss they are talking about might just be us.

How many of us ask ourselves, when someone leaves our teams, was that because of me, something I did, or even something I didn’t do?

In most studies, the number one reason why people leave is because of their boss, so there is a strong possibility that if someone has left our team it’s because of us.

Employees who don’t get along with their managers, don’t like them or don’t respect them, will leave a company despite a high salary or great benefits.

A good manager, no matter the salary employees are paid, will inspire loyalty, and will retain their staff.

To build that loyalty we need to create the right opportunities for our employees,  communicate with them, and appreciate them. We need to inspire them, create a positive environment where they can be successful and support them.

If we can do that, then our employees can be our greatest advertisement, they will speak highly of us.

The contrary is also true, if we are perceived as a bad boss, people will also share that with others which will damage our reputations and if they leave the company, that bad reputation will also spread to their new companies.

Our employees are our greatest assets and a company is only as good as the people it keeps. So as leaders it’s our job to protect and keep those great assets.