The Perils of Being a ‘Yes Person’

How can you ever be wrong if you always agree with the boss? Being a ‘Yes Person’ can help your career because it will make you popular with your boss, increase your chances of getting promoted occasionally, and is a low-risk move.

Eventually, there will come a point where either agreeing with the boss goes against your principles, and if you choose to agree then you lose your authenticity, or you may come to a point where now you need to be the one making the decisions and if you have always just said yes to the boss, you might find it hard to now fly solo.

However, saying no to the boss is often not a good career move, so it’s a fine line to tread between standing your ground, defending what you believe in, and putting yourself in a conflict situation with your boss.

We should feel free to state our opinions clearly, and a good boss will always try and create an environment where people feel safe having a different point of view.

We do need to accept though at some point we may have to concede to the view of the boss, as he is the decision maker.

But that doesn’t mean we should just agree even though we have a different point of view.

People won’t respect us for just conceding meekly, they won’t be inspired.

Accepting a decision is not the same as agreeing with a decision.

Whilst being a Yes Person might seem like a good career move, it will not gain you respect of your teams, nor will it allow people to know what you stand for.

You will not be seen as a strong leader, but rather as someone who is weak and either doesn’t have an opinion of his own or as someone who is afraid to state his opinion.

So yes it can be a good career move but it does bring its own problems.

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