Personal Growth and Development

As we start to get to the end of 2016, and we start to think about 2017, what our goals will be, and what we would like to achieve in the new year I wanted to share this image on personal growth with you.

I do that because when you think about setting your goals for 2017 to know that we are all capable of so much more if we would just step outside of our comfort zone. I know this from personal experience, many times I ended up taking jobs which ended up being bigger than I thought, and if I’d known at the time how big of a challenge it was going to be, I would have shied away from the opportunity.

And yet I was still successful.

Why is that?

It’s because we never think that we’re ready, or that we have the capability and we choose an easier path. But when we do that we give up on our chances of achieving our full potential.

Before I decided to run my first marathon I would have told you there was no way I could achieve that, and yet here I am 4 years later, and I have run 10, not only that, but I did 4 of them in a ten week period.

When we play it safe and choose to stay in our comfort zones, we’re severely limiting ourselves, because we all have so much potential. I don’t even like the term comfort zone because to be honest, that’s a misnomer, really it’s stagnation zone. Because if we’re not growing then really, we’re regressing.

For 2017 I want you to think about being really bold, let see what we can truly achieve. We don’t have to do it all in one leap or one bound we can take our time to do it.

If over the course of the year we on;y increase by 2% per week, then we can still hit the goal by the end of the year.

I love the approach of Aim High, Start Small, and Keep Going. This is the perfect way to achieve sustainable success, we do it in small steps, moving out of our stagnation zone, and into our growth zone, slowly improving and moving towards our potential zone.

We only get one life, and if we never shoot for our full potential, it can leave us with a lot of regrets.
Maybe you’re worried that you won’t be successful. Well, that’s normal, and failure is always one of the steps along the road to big success. We just need to be ready to learn from it, dust ourselves down and start again.

In 2017 I aim to play a bigger game, to take more risks and push myself towards that potential zone. It just requires us to have a little belief in ourselves and to ignore those negative voices that may be holding you back. If you need help then get it, whether it’s a coach or a mentor, so someone who just believes in you.

It’s is hard for us to see our own potential, and if we could see ourselves through the eyes of others, we would definitely aim higher and do so with more confidence.

So let’s make 2017 the year we have that self-belief and step out with more confidence and achieve inspired results.