Power of Recognition

As I sit and watch the London Marathon and listen to the people participating, it’s clear the power that recognition has, on pushing the runners towards their goal.

People often tell me that recognition needs to be sincere, and the achievements worthy of it, in order for the recognition to be appreciated, and for it to work.

However, looking at the Marathon, much of the recognition from the crowd comes before the achievement of the goal. They cheer on runners they do not even know, and these runners smile and wave back showing their appreciation of the recognition.

Recognition motivates us towards our goal, it costs nothing, and yet has tremendous benefits.

Certainly this is right in line with my experience. I have never yet worked with anyone who didn’t appreciate recognition, for sure people have said “oh it’s nothing”, but in reality they appreciated it.

We all want to know that our efforts are seen, that they are appreciated, it’s human nature.

As the saying goes, “recognise the actions you want to see repeated”.