How Do We Promote Self Esteem

As leaders we need to focus on building self esteem within our teams because when we do that it will help to increase their confidence which will have a positive impact on their performance and results. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self esteem is one of our basic needs, and the more we can feed into that the more engaged our teams are going to be.

Most people are filled with self doubts and we need to remind people about the good work that they have done, the successes that they have had so that they can see themselves as others see them. A great way of doing this is through having a recognition board where we get people to create a board where they record their success, those things that they feel confident about and remind them when things are not going great to go and look at the board and remember the good work that they have done as this can help motive us, and remove doubt.

When we build people self esteem they feel good about themselves, this can help reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and employee engagement.

It’s not something that is difficult to do, but it is something than not enough leaders focus on.

Emotionally intelligent leaders understand the importance of self esteem and will focus on it, because they know the benefits and impact that it can have. It’s one of those soft skills that we need to practice and at which we can become very proficient in a short period of time if we work on it. An added benefit of focusing on the self esteem of others is that it also increases our own self esteem, as making others feel good will also help us feel good, which eventually can become a self fueling circle where everyone benefits.

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