Promoting E-learning Products Using Browser Notifications

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you use tablets, laptops, and smartphones? Today, we are increasingly reliant on technology, and the way we learn and access information has evolved. E-learning is big business, and if you have wisdom or expertise to share, you could boost your earnings significantly with an effective, tailored marketing strategy. 

E-learning products are designed to educate and inform web users via accessible online resources. Developing products is one stage of achieving success, but perhaps the most important phase is marketing your wares. There’s no point in having brilliant webinars or incredibly engaging guides if nobody can find them. SEO is a great option for creating leads and encouraging people to visit your website and click on your links, but you need to be able to urge customers and consumers to take the next step. Browser notifications, as the infographic suggests, can help to increase the chances of converting leads.

The graphic below shows just how popular digital devices are these days, with most of us spending around 6 hours per day online. Given that 80% of browsing is linked to sourcing information, there’s scope to capitalize on the popularity of e-learning. Utilizing targeted, personalized notifications is a great way to take advantage of a collective thirst for knowledge and connect with interested parties and audiences. 

Browser notifications can be used to advertise an array of digital products, with click rates particularly high for guides and toolkits, webinars, ebooks, and free demos. If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate, why not take a closer look at this useful infographic?

Infographic Created By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Browser Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition