Re-Energize in Order to Energize


We owe it to ourselves to be in the best shape that we can be. We only live one  life, and to live it to the fullest, we need to be in shape.

We need to have vitality and energy.

As leaders when we are fully energized it’s easier for us to lead, it’s easier for us to energize our troops and to give the team the vitality it needs for success.

In our hearts I think we all know this, but with the trials and tribulations of every day life it’s easy to forget this and give it a lower priority. We believe we don’t have the time.

Recently I have a run a marathon,  and I am in training for another in 8 weeks.

With all this I would say that I am in pretty good shape for my age, but during a Leadership Coaching session last week, with Mark McGregor, Mark challenged me.

He said “yep you’re in good shape, but you could do better, you could be in great shape, you know you can do better, right?; you know you have only scratched the surface, right?”

I was a little bit knocked back, I thought “hey i have just run a marathon, cut me some slack here”.

But as I thought about it over the next couple of days, I thought “yep he’s right, I could do better”.

So I have decided to take his challenge, and see if I can get in the best shape of my life in time for my 53rd Birthday, which is just over 57 days away.

How to do it?

Well I decided to go for the Insanity, Total Body Workout, its a 60 day program, so that just about fits with my plan.

No I am not a salesman for Insanity, we just did a couple of the exercises and I could tell they hurt enough to be working, plus the plan just about fits to my birthday.

As someone who is naturally energetic, I did question this, but as Mark said, you just never know when your body will change on you, so it’s time to kick it into better shape than it is.

I will continue my Marathon training as, as I will run in October, but I will now also take on the 40 minutes Insanity training regimes as well.

If you wan to go through this with me, you can find the work outs on Youtube 🙂

I’m supposed to do before pictures, but I will leave that to your imagination.

Lets re-energize together, or just wish me luck!

I will post the results on Facebook, so if you want to know how it,s going or where to send flowers to, check it out Facebook/LeadershipPrinciples

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles