Recognise Your Achievements

celebrate.pngWe all suffer from self doubts at some time or other, it’s in our nature.

One of the best ways I have found of overcoming this is by keeping a record of the achievements that I have made, so I can remind myself, in times of doubt, that I have been successful previously.

We often forget much of what we have achieved, yet seem to remember failures so much more vividly.

So I’d like you all to take time as we approach the end of 2015 to record the successes that you had in 2014, to remind yourself of what you have achieved.

I find that when I do this just before setting the goals for the new year, it gives me more confidence for the coming year and encourages me to set bigger goals.

I will be creating a post on my goals for 2015, but today I want to reflect on what’s been achieved this year,

  • Presented FAST for first time – Staffordshire University
  • Became Visiting Professor Staffordshire University
  • Spoke in New York CIO Conference
  • Spoke at CEBIT (Largest Conference in Germany)
  • Spoke in Morocco (twice)
  • #6 most shared Leadership Blog
  • #2 Top 15 Must Read Leadership Blog
  • Delivered 2hr FAST Masterclass to MBA Graduates
  • Recognized by Inc Magazine as Top 100 Leadership and Management Expert
  • Learned to SCUBA Dive and Earned PADI Certificate
  • #1 Leadership Expert to Follow on Twitter for Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec
  • Gave first live webinar, which was on Inspiring Leadership for MILE Group in Saudi Arabia
  • Hosted my own live webinar – Introduction to FAST
  • First paid webinar – How to be a Twitter Rockstar
  • Create first Newsletter
  • Created first Landing Page
  • Created first Opt In
  • Did first joint venture webinar
  • Wrote A-Z of Inspiring Leadership
  • Became European Ambassador to 1BillionAfrica organisation
  • Wrote 200 Blog Articles
  • Had articles translated into Arabic
  • Had articles translated into Mandarin
  • Recorded over 30 Podcasts
  • Created first CD
  • Recorded first Video
  • Ran Vancouver Marathon
  • Ran Athens Marathon
  • Created Signature Program FAST Leadership
  • Wrote 2 books Practitioners Guide to Leadership & FAST Leadership
  • Selected by Vistage CEO Groups to be a speaker
  • Attracted 50,000 followers on Facebook
  • Attracted 100,000 followers on Twitter
  • Collected Humanitarian Award People of Distinction for Prince Adu-Apiah in New York
  • Selected by Kevin Kruse Top 101 Speakers on Leadership
  • Selected by Inc Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers
  • Signed-up to start Inspiring Leadership Radio Show
  • Signed-up over 20 world class leadership experts, speakers, and coaches to be guests on my radio show for Q1 2015
  • Connected with many of the top leadership experts
  • And finally, passed 1,000,000 visitors to my website 🙂

Take time to celebrate your success, your achievements, as this will help increase your confidence and encourage you to set the bar higher and achieve even more in 2015!

Let’s make 2015 the best year so far!


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