Having just spent a few days in India meeting with our service provides and our offshore teams, I am remind just how important recognition is, and just how little effort it takes.

Recognition comes in many forms from major awards and big public thank you’s, right down to just listening and paying attention.

When you get it right you can feel the appreciation in the air, it’s truly tangible.

With one of our strategic partners we attended and evening of awards and entertainment.

The Indian based team put on an entire evenings entertainment for us including a fashion show demonstrating the different dress styles for each region, traditional Indian Dancing and several singing performances.

It was an excellent evening and you could feel the team spirit and engagement increase as the evening progressed. The sheer energy in the room was tangible, and the smiling faces, as we watched, listened and applauded the performance, showed just how important they felt that this was and the level of appreciation that they felt.

All we had to do was sit and enjoy the show.

We also gave out several awards for outstanding performance, which were very well received but these were only a small part of the entire evening and I would say were overshadowed by the impact of show we saw.

The feedback we received was excellent, and the manager of the team said that every time we have one of these events you can see a rise in productivity and quality which last for several weeks as a result of this.

Imagine that, we will see an quantifiable performance improvement just by sitting, listening and applauding.

That is the power of recognition!.