Saving The Environment: Is Your Business Doing Enough?

As a business, you are already giving back to your local town. You’re hiring local people and you are putting money back into the economy – and you’re doing well at that. However, have you considered what you are doing for the environment?

Every single business out there is leaving a carbon footprint behind as they walk the steps to bigger and better business opportunities. Global warming is one of the biggest and most complex issues that we are dealing with right now, and it’s not just the responsibility of the huge corporations. Even the smaller businesses need to have a hand in doing something right, whether it’s water conservation with water tanks, or cutting down on their use of paper. The smallest changes from the smallest businesses make the biggest impact. So, how can you ensure that you’re saving the environment while you’re giving back to the local community?

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Use Green Cleaning Products. If you are hiring in cleaners to clean your office, ensure that they are using green cleaning products with fewer harsh chemicals. If you’re cleaning your office yourself, do this for yourself as well as your team. Harsh chemicals always tend to equal breathing them in and touching them, which is bad for you as much as it is for the world around you.

Start Biking/Walking To Work. Commuting to work in a car is giving the world around you a dose of exhaust fumes. Swapping to walking or cycling is a good idea, and starting a cycling scheme is an excellent idea for the majority of the office staff, too. The denser the population is in one area, the more likely it is for air to be polluted through motor vehicles. Understanding why is urbanization contributing to pollution starts by assessing how you and your employees get to work. Ensuring they have access to bikes with a secure place to store them, and an incentive scheme for those who do turn their engines off.

A Little Green. Around the exterior of the office, plant a garden. You’re bringing plants and flowers into the office for decor and better breathability, but planting a garden outside to sit in can be an excellent way to produce extra oxygen and ensure everyone is efficiently cooled down through the day.

Push Recycling. In your business, you may have a lot of waste products, and it’s in this that you need to do more with the people you work with. Get bins for different materials around the office and encourage your staff to actually use them. Cardboard, paper, cans and metals, and plastics are all commonly used in the office. Recycle them all!

Look Into Wind Power. Alternative sources of energy for the office can be an excellent way to be more eco-friendly. You’re not only doing more for the environment, you’re saving money on your own energy bills, too. You’ll also avoid releasing more toxins than necessary into the air around your business.

Choose Sustainable Suppliers. If you are ordering in supplies from outside sources, make sure that you are choosing sustainable suppliers to help. If you know that they are using eco-friendly materials, then you know you are doing the right thing in your business. Look locally for those suppliers, and you’ll be giving back even further. 

Being more eco-friendly in your business is the best decision that you could possibly make.