SEO Tips Every Recruiting Company Needs to Know

Every industry needs to be using SEO techniques as part of their marketing campaign and Human Resources is no exception.  Over 22 million job seekers head to Google every month, and if your SEO is poor, you won’t be attracting the best candidates for your jobs.  In fact, a solid SEO campaign can not only help you to hire more qualified candidates, it can also help you fill jobs quickly and stay ahead of your competitors.  Here we’re going to look at some SEO advice that every recruiting company should be aware of.

1. Use Keywords in Your Job Description

In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of recruitment companies incorporating creative language into their job descriptions.  And while fun and quirky adjectives do have their place in the world, their place is not on job boards.  Instead, make sure you are focusing on the keywords and phrases that candidates actually search for when looking for a job.  You can use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to help you determine these if you’re unsure.

2. Quality Content is Important

Whether it’s your job description or a blog post on your website, your content needs to be high quality and read well.  Google has been cracking down on poorly written content and the last thing you want is for your website to disappear from the search engines due to poor writing.  While you do want to use keywords on your website, you should be doing this in a conversational manner.  Your content should also be original and engaging if you want to be ranked highly.

3. You Need a Mobile Optimised Website

Did you know that websites that aren’t optimised for mobile devices don’t show up in the mobile search results?  Considering a lot of job seekers use their mobile devices to job hunt, you absolutely need a mobile-friendly website.  If your current site can only be viewed on desktop computers, it’s time to sort this out… and fast!  Your website copy needs to be easy to navigate and readers shouldn’t have to pinch their screens to enlarge text or menu bars.

4. Utilise Social Media

A study completed by Forbes found that a good social media strategy can lead to more people sharing links to your website.  As links are the backbone of SEO this can only be a good thing.  Make sure you have profiles on the main social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + and ensure your branding is the same on all of them.  Then use these pages to share relevant content about your company as well as job advertisements and blog posts.

5. Perform an SEO Audit

Finally, it’s a good idea to perform an SEO audit on your website to find out just how search engine friendly it is.  An audit can help to identify any problem areas with your company’s website, enabling you to create an action plan to correct them.  Click here to contact Click Intelligence if you need help with this.

Recruitment companies and HR departments should be concerned with SEO and marketing just like businesses in any other industry.  The tips above should help you make improvements.