Setting and Achieving Big, Bold Goals

I once set a big, ambitious goal of running a marathon in October 2012 and began a 26-week training plan; the plan was still a few weeks away, and I was set to run the Dusseldorf Marathon on April 28th 2013.

When I initially went for a run in October, I ran a total of 1.8km in 15 minutes, and to be honest, I was so out of shape that I should have had ambulance staff on standby with oxygen, CPR, and a set of spare legs.

When March came around, I was supposed to do run a 35km, for me this was a major milestone, this was to be my long run, one step closer to being able to run a Marathon.

I actually ran 40km, as I got closer to 35km I thought come on, let’s see whether we can do the full distance, we’re so close. So I continued.

As I knocked off the remaining kilometres  I knew I was going to be able to complete the goal, as I got close to 40km, I decided to walk the last 2km, confident that I could do it, but I wanted to save the ‘achieving the goal’ for the actual marathon.

When I look back at where I’d started and how far I’d come in just 5 months, I found it unbelievable.

But I think this shows what you can achieve when you set a big goal, have a clear plan, have determination, focus and the support of your friends and colleagues.

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