Setting Yourself Up For Success Through Student Leadership Roles

Guest Post by Rachael Everly

College students have the unprecedented opportunity to struggle and bring out the best in them during their college year. They are constantly motivated to adopt leadership roles and gain first-hand experience which cannot be acquired from any other forum and are an essential ingredient in corporate success. Being active on campus will not only help develop leadership skills but also set the tone for future endeavors. It will help challenge your abilities with the help of your peers, colleagues and professors. You will not be judged for any faux pas and instead you will be given a chance to learn from your mistakes. Experiment while in college and see the efforts substantiate during your career.

  • Renewed levels of self-confidence

A confident individual can even surprise himself by out-doing his colleagues in various capacities if he believes in himself. Furthermore, to get to any leading position in your college you are most likely recommended by your professors or voted by your colleagues who fill you with an even more fulfilling and empowering feeling. You get recognition almost instantly as your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated and brought into limelight by your college administration. You can start from applying to your student government or for instance becoming the President of a club or voluntarily becoming a leader in group projects. If you have well writing skills you can write for the annual magazine or be the teacher’s pet by being their TA.


  • A whole new sense of responsibility

Inspiring leadership roles has several facets to it and instills a spirit of shouldering your own responsibilities in a more holistic manner. A leader knows how to be financially responsible by saving smartly while in college as he knows that he has to be in control of his own situation before he can go on to inspire others. Furthermore, when they are strengthened by finances a person with good leadership qualities will feel empowered to inspire others because they know what they are preaching. A good leader gets the work done and follows through the whole process which only comes when the individual understands his position and the responsibilities associated with it as they have a strong internal locus of control. As it is commonly said “With responsibility comes accountability”.

  • Interpersonal skills with more interaction

A major part of college life is about networking and honing the right skills set present inside you to reach to your desired destination. Negotiation skills are one set of skills that are required at every level especially when you intend to manage and lead a group of people to attain the desired goals. Taking part in debates or conflict resolving committees can be a great boost in honing your mediation skills. Communication skills are an inevitable part of all this as you have got to speak with confidence and only your way of delivering can help you gain that position and respect. Having the convincing power to influence other’s opinions and decisions and diplomacy is a plus point for every career.


As you play a proactive role and actively participate in planning, organizing and leading activities across the campus you will get recognition across the campus and will start building credibility from the beginning, setting up a base for future years. You may even receive certificates of appreciation and awards to recognize your efforts in this regard which will set you up for viable business prospects in the future. Your resume is yours to build up and you often get preferred over others because of your experiential learning and your ability to actually lead the way without being supervised.

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