Show confidence in your team and they will return the compliment.

Leaders define the culture in their organisations and if, as Leaders, we don’t show confidence in our people, then this is the culture that we will create.

A culture where there is little confidence or trust: either between the teams; in the teams; and ultimately there will be little to no confidence in the Leader.

If we show confidence in our teams its beneficial in so many ways:

Firstly, if we have confidence in our teams then it will give them confidence in themselves.

This will then help create a positive spirit and a belief in the teams that they are capable of reaching their goals.

If they have belief and confidence, then the probability of success will be higher.

Confident people who believe in their abilities to be successful create a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads to success.

Secondly, if we show confidence in our teams, then this will increase their confidence in us as Leaders.

The more confident they are in us the more likely they are to follow our strategy and direction, and the more successful we will be.

Confidence breeds success.

So let’s help start that process by breeding confidence.