Software Testing Outsourcing: How to Organize the Process in the Best Way

According to Global Market Insights, Software testing is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it will expand by 6% annually between 2022 and 2030 from its current value of $40 billion in 2021. That’s quite convincing because it shows how vital the sector is. Also, the success of your product and any future user feedback depends on the quality of your testing.

In addition, know that developers won’t test your app or perform web QA; many companies make this mistake and scramble to find outsourced software testing services with the necessary expertise and testing tools.

This article is a detailed guide on software QA outsourcing and organizing the process for outsourced QA testing.

Software Testing Outsourcing-What is it and Why Everyone is Doing It?

Planning a quality assurance strategy, setting up a test environment, generating test cases and scripts, doing software testing, and describing flaws detected in software are all essential tasks in the software testing process. There are also other approaches to testing software to ensure it is free of defects and fulfills specifications.

Compared to a fully functional new feature, software testing is typically an unnecessary step that adds little value. Second, the infrastructure, operational, and human resource costs accompanying in-house QA teams should not be taken lightly. Companies that outsource software testing rather than perform it in-house can devote more resources to the development process because experts in the field are handling quality assurance. An outsourced committed team of skilled experts can help fill the void caused by a lack of expertise.

When A Business Should Do The Software Testing Outsourcing

We’ve laid out some examples to help you decide whether an in-house or a software testing outsourcing team is best for conducting a software testing procedure.

When Launching a One-time Project

If your organization finds itself short on resources and aims to release a one-time product or decides to operate multiple projects simultaneously. If this happens, you’ll need to take the time and spend the costs of finding and hiring more quality assurance personnel. Comprehensive testing for custom software development can be done by an outsourced team in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost, allowing your company to focus on other aspects of the project. You can also outsource software testing to bring in the required expertise for your project quickly and at a lower cost.

When Facing Unexpected Delays

The time available to software testers often decreases while the deadlines remain the same due to project delays. In addition to having fewer people to do the job, the QA team also has less time to do it. The in-house teams can leverage the help of the outsourced software testing team to finish the project on schedule.

When Project Budget is Limited

The use of outsourced quality assurance teams is no exception. Outsourcing software testing to a seasoned QA firm saves twenty to thirty% of a project’s money and 10-15% of the time to market. Consider outsourcing QA processes if you’re managing a long-term project with little room for recruiting extra employees but must complete the task well and under budget.

When the Existing Team lacks The Skills

Different kinds of software require different quality assurance tests, which is true not simply for the software features being tested. Your specialized quality assurance staff can lack the experience to perform end-to-end testing on devices and platforms they are unfamiliar with if they have only been working on mobile and web projects.

Upsides/Downsides Of Software Testing Outsourcing

Although outsourcing your software testing can provide several benefits, like increased flexibility, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of software testing outsourcing before deciding on a QA software testing outsourcing company.


Budget Friendly

Outsourcing’s primary benefit is the savings it provides. It will be more expensive than outsourcing to an offshore software testing team due to costs like hiring and training teams and setting up testing tools and associated infrastructure. In the long term, outsourcing will help you save on operational expenses while bringing in more money.

Improved Efficiency

Sometimes all it takes to fix a problem is a new perspective from an experienced professional. Testers are free to employ novel approaches and come up with creative answers to baffling issues.

Access To Talent Pool

Functional, performance, and security testing are just some of the kinds of testing that many offshore QA service companies offer. They can also serve as a consultative body, offering advice on better testing software for cloud use, mobile devices, and the web. They can be ideal for your project and help you achieve quality goals.


Software testing experts at offshore firms with large portfolios have likely dealt with projects and products of varying sizes and complexities. What this means for you is that they bring a wealth of expertise to bear on your software. They will be able to integrate the finest automation framework for your project into your current setup.


Security Factor

Protection of sensitive information is crucial in the modern era. Businesses worldwide have gone to great lengths to ensure they fully comply with local regulations and that their customer’s personal and financial information is kept safe. Bringing outside software testers isn’t necessarily a red flag for regulatory violations or data leaks. However, you still need a policy and code of conduct to ensure your data is safe.

Lower Quality

Some firms specialize in outsourcing software testing more than others do. Some may be brand new to the industry, while others have been around for years. Review the reviews and portfolio to ensure you choose the best offshore testing firm; remember that being new to the game does not necessarily signify quality.


When a company outsources software testing, the QA team is situated in a high-volume IT outsourcing destination like India, the Philippines, or Ukraine. Many countries have different regulations regarding the privacy and security of personal information, which could lead to complications. It’s possible that, after some time, you’ll notice that working with software testers in a different time zone disrupts your ability to have productive conversations with them.

Types of Software Development Testing Models

While deciding between full outsourcing and staff augmentation for software quality assurance services, it is important to weigh all of the pros and downsides of each.

Full Fledge QA Testing Team

Outsourcing works best when:

  • If you lack a quality assurance team,
  • You aren’t confident that you have sufficient means for thorough testing.
  • You’d rather delegate the entire task because you’re too preoccupied with running the core business.
  • You or your Team lack the necessary technical expertise.

Augmented Testing Team

Whereas staff augmentation is a good fit for your project if:

  • You can do it yourself, but you have neither the time nor the means to do so.
  • While you may have a dedicated project manager and even a testing crew, you still need assistance.
  • You need another perspective and approach.
  • You have a clear idea of whom you need and why

Landing A Perfect Software QA Outsourcing- The Right Tips

We believe that open lines of communication are essential to any productive partnership. Thus, it’s important to open up lines of communication on both ends. Moreover, there are a few more tips that you can follow.

NDAs and SLAs

  • To protect your business interests, it is recommended that you have your QA testers sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before disclosing any confidential information about your app, clients, company, etc.
  • SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, are contracts outlining the parameters and due dates for various stages of testing. Make sure to enlist SLAs in the agreement.

Implement Reporting Norm

To be systematically updated with the progress and control the process, arrange frequent reports and online meetings.

Conduct Interviews

It is recommended to have team conversations with your developers and software QA outsourcing specialists to coordinate them better and avoid future miscommunications, in addition to having a personal interview with the professionals you are outsourcing software QA.