Stop Waiting For A Silver Bullet Solution That Isn’t Coming!

images-48One of the challenges of modern living is that we are constantly marketed to about the next Magic Solution, that Silver Bullet which is going to solve all of our problems.  The sliming pill which will allow us to eat anything and everything and still lose weight; that training program that for just 1 minute a day will give us that beach body we have always wanted; or that health drink that will make us look younger, healthier and let us live to 100.

As much as we all would love to have these things, they are not coming, marketers are just using our desires to make us buy products that don’t work, they know we want that dream product so of course they offer it to us, but its not going to work.

This is just the same in business, consultancies are always selling us the next big thing, that revolutionary product, magic service, all the things which are going to give us the edge over the competition and make us number 1 in the market.

But just like the magic slimming pill these, solutions we’re waiting for or maybe are investing in, these are just Silver Bullet solutions, they promise so much but often deliver so little.

It’s like fools gold, the emperors news clothes and when we get involved in that waiting, implementing game for these things, then we are losing the opportunity to actually do something and improve our situation.

More often than not we know what we should do. I know I need to eat less and exercise more if i want a better healthier body and I could start to do that right now.

There is no substitute for hard work, no matter how much we would love that to be true, and the sooner we realise that, then the quicker we can start to improve the situation.

I know what you’re thinking, but haven’t you developed the FAST Leadership Approach, aren’t you marketing that as a Silver Bullet Solution?

Well no, not really.

FAST is an approach which is going to Focus your efforts and your resources onto the right things, for you  which will then make all your hard work effective, you will see the fruits of your labours. Too often people are focused on the wrong things which is why they fail to achieve the level of success their efforts deserve.

By keeping the solution Simple, and having Transparency into performance, then you can look to increase your efficiency.

When you increase both effectiveness and efficiency then you will definitely improve your performance and your position.

So no it’s not a Silver Bullet solution, because you still have to work hard, there is no substitute for that and there probably never will be, but it will put you on the right track so you can be successful.

So stop waiting for that Silver Bullet solution which is not coming, and contact me at to find out more about FAST Leadership and how it can help you to start to improve you’re business today.

FAST will help you increase effectiveness and efficiency and when you do that then you will achieve success faster!