Success? It’s All Depends on What Motivates

Too often I hear I don’t have the time. I don’t have enough resources. I don’t have enough energy, or whatever. The truth is the path to unfilled potential is littered with I don’t have’s.

I don’t have is just another way of saying I quit. It’s just a little less provocative, a little bit of a safer way to let our dreams die, but die they will if that is our mindset.

I was reminded of this when I saw this video

It is so easy to say I don’t have three arms, which is true. Or I can do this I might drop my baby. Or hell no, I might spill my beer.

Finding a way

But no, he was motivated to catch the ball, but also keep the baby safe, and not lose any beer.

So he found a way.

He found a way to do all three and he did it in a split second.

For some of us, we have way longer and yet still let our goals slip from our grasp and let another dream die alone.

I experienced this myself when I want to write my first book. I was full of I don’t haves. I don’t have anything to really write about, I don’t have great writing skills. Or I don’t have the time or have the knowledge.

Literally, if I’d written down all the things I believed I didn’t have I could probably have had half the words for the book.

At exactly the same time I’d been asked to run a Marathon relay with 4 other people, so basically I had to run around 10k. And yet this dream died too, again I don’t haves were the main reason. I didn’t have the time to do it, I didn’t have the energy I had when I was younger.

Yet Just 6 months later

I had written my first book, and had completed my first marathon. Not a 10k but my first marathon.

How did I do that?

By finding the right motivation, and by focusing on what I did have.

I wanted to run a marathon to raise money for cancer charity, as seven of my female friends were all going through chemo. And for the book, I wanted to show my boss he was wrong and I did know about leadership.

With this motivation, I reprioritized things and found 2 hrs each morning where I would go run, usually up to 10k. Then come back shower and write an article, or a chapter for my book.

Like the dad in the video, I juggled things and found a way to get them all done.

We are all capable of so much more, but we let our negative self-talk and the ‘I don’t haves’ hold us back and keep us playing a small game and leaving us stuck in our comfort zone.

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