My articles on "Worst Boss Ever" and Best Boss Ever" have lead to lots of interesting discussions and raised a lot of good points. One of my…
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Standing Out From The Crowd

I was asked "how do you lead, when everyone in the group believes that they are leaders t00?" Whether you have been appointed Leader, and you hold…
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Leadership Qualities

I was asked to describe the good qualities that I think that should Leader have. I think this is a very interesting question, as think many of…
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Importance of Reenergising

As leaders we energise our organisations; we are the multipliers who increase the overall energy and drive within our teams. But to do this we must have…
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Madness or Innovation?

Ever heard the phrase "there's method in his madness"? Well what is being referred to here, is something which looked absolutely crazy to start with, but that…
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Please, Please Release Me

If you believe in the saying 'happy people, are productive people', then why would you want to hold on to someone, who clearly no longer wants to…
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Difference between Selfless and Selfish Leaders

I find this picture hard to accept, as you can clearly see John Terry, in his Chelsea kits, just to the right of the cup. Interestingly enough…
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Carpe Diem!

Let's make today the day, that we will set our selves a new goal, or make the first move on a goal that we have always dreamed…
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Inspiration - where does it come from? One of the things that has really surprised me, as I have gone through my running a Marathon journey, is…
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