Why Walking The Talk Is Critical

You've probably heard the phrase that leaders have to talk the talk, and then walk the walk. I know I have at it has been mentioned in…
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Leadership In Crisis

When you look at what is going on in the media regarding politics whether it's the US and Trump, or UK/EU with Brexit it feels like there…
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Leadership: What the hell is happening?

Over the past several months I've actually written very few articles on Leadership, and part of the reason for that is what we see going on in…
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8 Daily Habits That Will Boost Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is running at around 32%. Which means that a staggering 68% of staff, potentially your staff, are either disengaged or even worse actively disengaged.  According to…
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One Thing Some Leaders Don’t Accept About Culture

When it comes to culture, I have worked in many companies, and also seen many cultures where the cultures have been less than optimal, and in some…
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Knowing Who You Are Helps You Be a Better Leader

One of the keys to emotional intelligence is self-awareness. The better we understand ourselves, the better we can understand our impact, and how we are perceived others.…
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What Qualities Make a Great Leader?

I was asked to list just three qualities that I thought made a great leader. It's interesting that if you asked me to list 6 or 7…
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