29 Coaching Questions Which Help Drive Results!

As leaders, you need to be constantly coaching and working to developing your teams, and one of the best ways to do that is by asking questions. We…
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Why You Need To Lead More And Manage Less

Practically every coaching client that I deal with who is having a hard time either because they are feeling overwork or overwhelmed are struggling with the same problem. They…
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7 Things Employers Can Do to Retain Top Talent

7 Things Employers Can Do to Retain Top Talent A business is only as good as the employees that to help run it, which means all business…
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10 Ways You Can Motivate Your Employees

As a team leader or manager, part of your role is motivating your employees. How you do this though is not clear though, as every team is…
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Understanding Empowerment

When ever I ask people about empowerment, everyone seems to know what it is, but when I did a little deeper into what does it mean, how…
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Breaking Through Communication Apprehension

Guest Post from Brandeis University. When asked, a majority of Americans said that public speaking topped their list of fears. Communication appears to be the hallmark of…
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The First Time I Really Understood Empowerment

There is a difference between knowing and understanding, and for years I knew about Empowerment, but I never really understood it. It's only when you truly understand…
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Emotional Intelligence Fail (Almost)!

I generally think I have good emotional intelligence, but today I nearly lost it, and I just wanted to share this example of how important emotional intelligence…
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What Kind of Leader Should You Be?

One of the most common questions that I am asked is what kind of leader should I be and I look to answer this question this short…
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