Leading in a Time of Crisis

There are many roles that leaders are asked to perform from creating a vision, inspiring people, driving change, building momentum and leading their people to success. One…
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3 Practical Tips for Enhancing Your Confidence at Work

Pixabay CC0 License Confidence is something that matters a lot in life, as a whole, and that’s why people are so keen on seminars and books that…
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6 Leadership Qualities You Should Seek When Hiring New Managers

Managers are provided with major responsibility when they’re introduced into a new organisation and their leadership in an authoritative role can either make or break the success…
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Why Persistence Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

If you want to know why persistence is a necessary characteristic in leadership and in business then check out this video. I know from personal and painful…
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Why Building Confidence Delivers The Best ROI

Leadership isn't really all that complicated, it's made complicated by a lack of understanding about what leadership really is. Leadership is about transformation. It's about getting people…
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Develop This One Habit And Become A Better Leader

Keep things inconsistent to keep the team on their toes. That's a great motto, right? Uh, no. Years ago, I had this boss who was terribly inconsistent. One week,…
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The Power of Mindset

Two Years ago at the age of 50, my brother Phil decided to go back to one of his passions, boxing, and take up the challenge and…
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15 Things Great Leaders Say To Create Engaged Teams

The secret to great leadership is creating great relationships with your teams and engaging them to go above and beyond. Here are 15 things that great leaders…
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7 Qualities Every Great Leader Should Have

Every successful business venture starts as an idea. However, not everyone with a great idea becomes a leader of a great company or organization. Great leaders possess…
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