Top 5 Qualities You Should Look For When Appointing Leaders

With leadership comes great responsibility, and this needs to be carefully considered when you are looking to appoint new leaders. Leaders are often the difference between success…
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Seven C’s of Great Leadership

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is what are the qualities that I look for in a leader. What are the skills, and…
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Real Leaders Speak Up In Trouble Times

Leadership is not just about being in charge, issuing commands and telling people what to do, that's really just management. Leadership is about providing a vision, direction,…
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What Someone Makes An Inspiring Leader?

What does it take to be an inspiring leader, what are the qualities and characteristics that one needs. I was inspired to make this video after the…
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Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent. Really?

Form is temporary class is permanent is a phrase I have often heard in a sporting context, and it's usually used in the context of explaining why…
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